Saturday, September 10, 2011

My First Crochet Pattern…

yeah, exciting isn’t it…lol…anyway, thought I’d share just in case you wanted to try it…
Tulip Around 9” square by Brenda
Vanna’s Choice Solids & Heathers yarn or any heavy worsted to aran-weight yarn
As shown
A—2 yd Pink
B—15 yd Kelly Green
C—20 yd Bubblelicious
D—2 yd White
E—10 yd Sweet Pea
Hook US I, or 5.5 mm
Stitches Beg trc cluster—ch-4, work 2 more trc, each time leaving the last step out so there are now 3 loops on hook, yo and draw through all three loops on hook.
Trc cluster—Work 3 trc, each time leaving last step out, so there are now 4 loops on hook, yo and draw through all four loops on hook.
Round 1: Using Color A, ch-4 and join to first ch with sl st, then ch-3 as first dc, work trc, dc, ch-1, (dc, trc, dc, ch-1) x3, sl st to first ch-3. Fasten off. (4 three stitch groups and 4 ch-1 spaces)
Round 2 : Join Color B to any first dc of any cluster. Ch-2 as hdc, sc into trc, hdc into dc, then [corner in ch-1 sp as (2 hdc, ch-2, 2 hdc), then hdc in dc, sc in trc, hdc in dc] x 3, then work corner in final ch-1 sp and sl st to the top of first ch-2. Fasten off. (4 sc, 24 hdc, and 4 ch-2 sp)
Round 3: Join Color C with a sl st to any corner ch-2 sp, work beg trc cluster, ch-3, trc cluster, then corner as (cluster, ch-3, cluster), then (ch-3, sk 3 st, trc in next 2 st, ch-3*, corner in ch-2 sp) x 3, then work to *only and sl st to top of beg trc cluster. Fasten off. (8 trc, 8 clusters, 12 ch-3 sp)
Round 4: Join Color D with a sc to any corner sp. Work 4 more sc into corner. Then 3 sc into each ch-3 sp, 1 sc in each trc, and 5 sc into corner sp around. Sl st to first sc. Fasten off. (52 sc)
Round 5: Join Color C with a sl st to any corner sc (center of the 5 sc corner groups) Work into that sc(beg trc cluster, ch-3, trc cluster), then [ch-2, sk 2, trc cluster, ch-2,sk 2, trc in next 3 st, ch-2,sk 2,, trc cluster, ch-2*, sk1 work corner as (trc cluster, ch-3, trc cluster)] x 3, then work to * only, sl st to beg trc cluster. Fasten off. (16 clusters, 12 trc, 4 ch-3, 16 ch-2)
Round 6: Join Color E with a sl st to any corner ch-3 sp. Ch-3 as dc, then in same sp, ( 2c, ch-1, 3 dc), then [(3 dc in ch-2 sp) x 2 , dc in 3 trc, (3 dc in ch-2 sp) x 2* , (then corner in ch-3 sp as (3 dc, ch1, 3 dc)] x 3, then work to * only and work dc into first ch-3 sp. Sl st final dc to top of  first ch-3. Fasten off. (84 dc, 4 ch-1 sp)
Round 7: Join Color B with a sl st to any corner ch-1 sp. Ch-3 as dc, then work in same sp (dc, trc, 2 dc), then work a dc into each dc around, and work corners in ch-1 sp as (2 dc, trc, 2 dc). Sl st last dc to top of ch-3. Fasten off. (100 dc, 4 trc)
Round 8: As desired to get to size. If making a sc or hdc round, work 3 sc or 3 hdc into each corner trc and sc or hdc into each st along sides. If making a dc round, work corners as (2 dc, ch-2 , 2dc) or (2 dc, trc, 2dc) and dc into each st along sides.
I want to thank my good friends at Vanna’s Choice Fan Club on Ravelry for all of their help writing my first pattern…Love ya girls!
PDF here...


Dragonflymomof2 said...

It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Knitrageous said...

I think it's beautiful! Great job! :)

Taos Sunflower said...

Brenda: I'm so excited to see you're going to start designing; anything you crochet is just wonderful, including this first of your (hopefully many) designs. Yay!

MK Girlee said...

Brenda! What a beautiful motif! I can hardly wait to gather my pieces of yarn and start making different color combinations. I'm VERY excited that you gave the length in yardage of the colors you used! That is sometimes more valuable than the ounces needed because of the different kinds of and textures. Thank you SO MUCH!!

Jacqueline said...

Bedankt voor het delen van het patroon van deze mooie square. Hij heeft een plaatsje gekregen op mijn 366-dg blog
3 december (link geplaatst)
Vriendelijke groeten,

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